The awareness of beauty in Nature

Nature expresses harmony in all its forms, Albero Aureo grasp part of this beauty and reproduce it through the perfect proportions dictated by the golden section

Albero Aureo transforms natural forms into unique works of precious wood with a new awareness to realize natural archetypes of furniture

Art furniture with rustic wood

Nature expresses its capacity for perfection through unique, unrepeatable and harmonious representations of the golden section. Albero Aureo search singular pieces of reuse wood, outstanding for dimensions and shape, discovering and enchaning the attended art on every tree, log, branch, roots, in respect of wood essence.
The vision to create an atelier in which nature suggests to the eye how to better highlight the natural perfection already present in the wood. Each artwork enhances the perfect beauty of the characterized rustic wood of exclusivity, originality and beauty in harmony with that specific area where it was found.
In addition to not breaking down plants, Albero Aureo engages in the reforestation by returning hectares of uncultivated land to the forest with native plants to restore the flora and consequently the fauna of the local habitat. These wooded / forested areas are owned by the Albero Aureo and can be visited

Personal art in movement

We ask the sense in the standardization of mass culture, why does the industry produce millions of identical objects for millions of different people? Why is the world constantly moving while most of the furniture is static?
Thinking that every individual is different from others, due to the physical and mental characteristics, that our bodies are constantly moving. With this concept, Albero Aureo develops unique artworks, impossible to copy or reproduce in series, that respond to the natural movement in harmony with the space that surrounds us.
The strength of nature manifests itself through the hardness of the wood chosen among or whole roots, stumps and solid wood.

Enrichment through various cultures

The knowledge of the territory allows a search, throughout all Brazil, of the most singular pieces of wood in terms of shape, movement, particularity, selecting the colours, the nuances and the qualitative characteristics of all the different essences.
The ability to identify and perfect the “beauty” is part of Italian culture, here the operations of finishing and exaltation of the forms of the object are carried out, acquiring an unmistakable aesthetic quality.
The safety of a quality and precision guarantee standard, together with the research and development of wood material in Switzerland are the advantages that allow constant updating and improvement at the headquarters with permanent exhibition.

Wood, the value of the golden ratio

The wood keeps the golden ratio always moving, it lives the time in a different way and this slowness serves to make man reflect on the value of time. Wood when used remains alive, in fact for our conventional time we see it moving depending on the environment, this life continues by characterizing the works. In respect to nature only natural treatments are used with oils or waxes of natural origin, this can affect the movement of wood.

Albero Aureo

La consapevolezza della bellezza nella Natura

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